Through a serene and intentional connection with clay, Jade creates ceramic objects that embody her deep admiration for ancient pottery, feminine energy, and rituals. Her creations are imbued with a genuine passion for the material and its vibrant hues, embracing the natural, irregular textures of the earthy and wild clay.

After years of a deep passion for pottery and pursuing it as a cherished hobby, Jade embarked on a personal journey that led her to establish Nammu & Clay Atelier, her brand and studio in Cape Town.

Within her little Clay Sanctuary, Jade creates her work alongside a team of wonderful women. And she shares her space, knowledge, and love for the craft by offering workshops, providing others with the opportunity to delve into the beautiful world of clay.


The name Nammu comes from the Ancient Mesopotamian religion, 3500 BCE. Mesopotamia, where the world’s earliest civilisation developed, and ceramic pots were made.

Nammu was the Goddess of the sea, the Waters of Creation. She gave birth to An / Heaven, a Sky God, and to Ki / Earth, an Earth Goddess.